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The Lotus Seed is a community of yoga teachers dedicated to bringing yoga, movement and art to diverse populations through outreach programs and continuing education.



We sprouted roots during 2001 in Mobile Alabama, then moved to Portland Oregon in 2004. Forming a collective of certified yoga teachers that share a common goal to make health education available to everyone, regardless of race, class, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, disability or body type. We work extensively with various yoga studios, community centers, and provide training and classes around the world.



Take your practice to a new level with yoga teacher training
Study Abroad Certification

Receive your basic yoga teacher certification – recognized internationally, trained globally.


Certification Programs 200|300 Hour

A wonderful opportunity for a new career in yoga with our Certified Yoga Teacher Training programs.

Learn To Teach Children Yoga

This program blends games, storytelling, practical classroom experience and certification.

Become A Teacher Trainer | 1000 Hours

Deepen your leadership skills and become a mentor.  Assist with teacher trainings at The Lotus Seed for an entire year!


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