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Calendar | The Lotus Seed


Teacher Bios:


Wren Doggett

Wren is the founder The Lotus Seed Yoga non-profit organization and director of teacher training. She has studied numerous forms of Yoga, healing and meditation for more than twenty years. She lived in Chennai, India during the year 1999 – 2000 at an ashram while writing her Master’s thesis in poetry. Her travels to teach and attend workshops in India, Malaysia, The Philippines, France, England, Denmark, Mexico and Jamaica have given her a well-rounded knowledge of the many forms of yoga, including Raja (meditation), Bhakti (devotion), Jnana (knowledge/wisdom), Karma (selfless action) and Hatha (physical movement).
Wren teaches Yoga to all ages – from babies to elders. She started teaching classes for teens and children in 2001 with great success in promoting outreach services to at-risk youth via yoga clubs in schools. She is registered as an E-RYT (experienced registered yoga teacher) with the Yoga Alliance, a national accreditation organization for yoga teachers. Wren continues to train with internationally known yoga teachers. Her classes are an eclectic blend of vinyasa yoga taught with love, humor and acceptance, emphasizing breath, alignment and body awareness.

Veranda Haddon

Veranda has been consistently practicing yoga for a little over ten years, and began teaching in April of 2010.Veranda teaches in the Hatha/Vinyasa style, on Mondays and Fridays at Noon. She has an enthusiasm and playfulness for yoga that carries into her teaching style. Veranda brings attention to the breath, and the body, as well as an inner focus with the help of mudras (hand gestures). Outside of her yoga life she is an artist of many endeavors, including metal sculpture, sewing and textile arts, and anything she can do with music.


Serendipity Sprout Grateful (Sprout) has studied and practiced yoga for over 25 years and dance for 18 years. She has been teaching through the Lotus Seed for 5 years, and also teaches at Reed College. Born in Portland, Oregon, she enjoys music, the arts, and working with animals. She also works with seniors and loves to entertain children of all ages with her comedy and family circus troupe Zirk Du Fiasco . She has studied a variety of yoga and dance styles and techniques under several different teachers, including Wren, Jane Archer, Severina, and Sharita. Her classes are active, comprehensive, and in depth, with a focus on fun! Her specialty is helping people recover from illness, injury, and addiction. Reach your full potential through healthy lifestyle changes and positive thinking.
Her Sunday, 4PM class is fairly traditional, including a full body work out as well as an internal journey with affirmations, centering, strength, and balance challenges. She offers variations and options for all levels of practice. Contact Sprout at for details on her other classes!