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About | The Lotus Seed


The Lotus Seed is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing yoga, movement and art to underserved populations through outreach programs and continuing education. Yoga’s popularity has increased in the United States over the last few decades. However, due to the high prices for classes, commercial ventures of studios have excluded minorities and low-income participants. With affordable or free classes in Portland, the health benefits of Yoga can be made accessible to more diverse populations.

The Lotus Seed began in 2001 in Mobile, AL and moved to Portland in 2004. The organization was born out of the need to bring yoga to all people. With yoga available at an affordable rate, students began learning the healthy benefits of practicing. Along with the public drop-in classes at the facility, The Lotus Seed has formed partnerships with the SUN program, the Boys and Girls Club, Portland State University, Portland Community College, Common Ground Wellness Center, the City of Troutdale, WebMD and Port City Development to name a few.

Most recently, the organization moved its headquarters to 6 NE Tillamook St. in Portland, on the corner of N. Williams, the bike commuter corridor. Graduates who become certified through The Lotus Seed largely contribute to furthering yoga clubs in schools, outreach in business and in private homes. For the last six years, teachers have volunteered their time to work with children and adults in variable class rooms, conference halls and gyms. The Lotus Seed has served over 1500 students during this time. Through these yoga clubs and outreach programs, The Lotus Seed teachers have touched the lives of youth and adults throughout the city.